DSI Pest Control Birmingham and West Midlands

DSI Pest Control are a Birmingham based authority approved business with 20+ years experience controlling all kinds of pests in the West Midlands. We cover a 100 mile radius of Birmingham and include cities and town such as Coventry, Solihull, Wolverhampton Sutton Coldfield and more.

DSI Pest Control are Local Pest Exterminators based in Birmingham, West Midlands

Pest control Birmingham
We try our hardest to offer humane pest control services and use practical methods that fully comply with the law so we can guarantee our customers a first class level of service. We work tirelessly to prove every one of our customers a dedicated and professional service and ensure all pest problems are handled with quality and care.

We have a dedicated team of highly trained staff equipped to handle any type of pest problem. We are fully accredited members of the British Pest Control Association so you can rest assured your business or property are in good hands.

Types of Pests We Control


Vermin are wild animals which can be harmful to crops, farm animals, or game and can also carry disease. Many types of animal fall under the category of vermin, such as mice, rats and squirrels. The most common type of vermin that effect customers domestically are rats and mice. These are also highly prevalent on commercial premises and are generally attracted to anywhere there is a food source. These types of pests can cause huge environmental issues for commercial businesses, especially businesses in the food industry and are an ongoing concern. Read more here.


Insects are another common pest that can effect both commercial and domestic customers. These can be wasps and bees, especially in the summer months, and we are frequently called out to remove wasp nests. But beetles are also a huge problem as are ants and flies. We have all the tools to eradicate problems with insects so if you have any issues please contact us asap. Read more here.


Mites are an insidious problem because they are so tiny and difficult to see. Mites such as bedbugs can be highly disturbing as they invest beds and feed on any occupants. This is a huge problem for hotels and bed and breakfasts guest houses, but also effect domestic customers too. Flea infestations are also a huge issue especially in properties where pets reside. Read more here.


Birds are everywhere and birds such as pigeons are considered pests. We offer a number of deterrents to eradicate pigeon problems and can also be called out to exterminate in extreme cases. A bird problem can cause huge environmental and health problems for a commercial business and deterrents need to be put in place to ensure they are kept away from your property. Read more about bird control here.

Emergency 24hr Pest Control and Solutions

Here at DSI Pest Control we specialise in all types of pest control and offer a 24hr emergency service. If you have a problem you need dealt with immediately then contact us right now and we’ll get an expert over to you as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of dealing with pest infestations as swiftly as possible and have a dedicated response team to get over to you as quickly as possible.

For any problems at all feel free to contact us right now and we’ll offer the best advice and get a technician over to you if necessary.