Rat and Mice Control Birmingham

Here at DSI Pest Control, we understand the stress and aggravation that can come with mice invading your property. Our team has been specially trained to handle any mouse-related issue, no matter how big or small! So, if you’re looking to find out the reasons why you might have a mouse infestation, or you’re looking for ways to get rid of mice, you’ve found the right place!

Before we begin addressing the many ways you can get rid of mice, it’s important to first understand the nature of mice, why they invade our homes and how we can determine the best ways to remove them from your property.

What are Mice?

If you didn’t already know, mice are small rodents characterised by their pointed nose, big round ears and are usually brown in colour (hence the term ‘mousy brown.’)

They usually weigh around 12-30 grams depending on their diet and can reach up to 20cm in length – including their tail.

How Quickly do Mice Reproduce?

mouseMice are known for being able to reproduce at alarmingly fast rates. A single female mouse can easily produce up to eight litters per year, averaging 6 per litter.

The females are pregnant for a surprisingly short time – 21 days in fact. Once she has given birth, her litter will all be blind, hairless and entirely dependent on their mother for the first month or so. After this, they learn to become more independent, finding food for themselves and taking to their surroundings. Once 35 days have passed, they become sexually mature – starting their mating process when they are six weeks old.

Now, for the ways in which you can eliminate mice!

But How Do I Get Rid of Them?!

miceMice are experts when it comes to creeping into your home through tiny spaces. So, if you thought that barricading your doors, windows and walls would be enough, think again. You will have to go around the whole of your property, manually filling in any cracks or crevices to ensure that mice cannot infiltrate. They are also able to squeeze through tiny spaces, sometimes half the size of the mouse itself! Mice are also prone to chewing through wood, cables and anything else that they can sink their teeth into.

Cleanliness is also vital, if your home or property is not clean, then mice will happily invade and take care of any stray food you have lying around! Ensure that all you food is put away and securely sealed. Mice will go to extreme lengths in order to feed themselves and their young.

If you find your home or property has already been invaded, then prevention is useless at this point. Your best solution would be to opt for our services, as we will be able to eliminate the presence of mice swiftly and efficiently. For more information on the services we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form here! One of our friendly members of staff will be able to swiftly address your concerns.


rat ratLike mice, rats are very versatile when it comes to infiltrating your home. Rats are bigger, stronger and more intelligent than mice and are able to squeeze through areas almost 3/4 of its size due to its plated skull. Their fur colour ranges from light grey, to brown, to black. They are nocturnal and adept swimmers, hence why they’re so good at crawling up toilets and pipelines!

Rat reproduction and life cycle

Most female rats product between 3-5 litters a year and can breed any time, if the conditions are suitable. Their gestation period is only 21 days and they reach sexual maturity at around 5 weeks.

How do I get rid of rats?

rat removalThere is a formula we use here at DSI and it follows: sanitation, inspection, exclusion.

Inspection: the most important step of removing rats. Once you know where the rats are residing, you can set rat traps and/or set bait to lure them out.

Exclusion: similar to what you would do to stop mice infiltrating your property. Rats – like mice – will creep into any crevice or opening they can find in order to seek-out warmth, shelter and food. The trouble with rats is that they’re able to swim and swim well. This means that if you do border your property, there is still a chance rats can swim up the pipelines. However, this is unlikely if your property is generally well-kept.

Sanitation: in short, keep your property clean and ensure that any rubbish you have is placed into a bin outside for collection. Of course, it is difficult to eliminate all food sources from your home but be mindful of leaving food out overnight or in places that will be easily accessible to a rat, i.e., the floor.

Traps and bait

The second method for eliminating rats is through traps and bait. Rat traps are a good way of catching rats in order to release them back into the wild, or if entirely necessary, killing them in a humane way.

Another effective rat control method is using rodenticides. These are essentially poisonous bits of bait that you can place around the house, or in areas where you think rats will encounter them. It is essential that you keep these rodenticides away from pets and children as they can be lethal. For more information on rat bait, traps and general safety, please do not hesitate to get in touch via one of our contact forms. Our friendly team are always on-hand to help with any pest-related issues that you might have.


Failing all of this, call a professional!

dsi pest controlHere at DSI, we’ve been at the top of our pest control game for a number of years and know all too well how pesky these cretins can be. Sometimes you simply may not have the time to lay the traps or keep on top of removing the captured mice.

This is where we can help. So, contact us today and put your mouse and rat problems behind you!