Humane Pest Control in Birmingham

At DSI Pest Control we like to practise humane pest control services. So we don’t just use the quickest and cheapest way of removing pests. We use the most humane way possible. This could be as simple as bird spikes to deter pigeons, rather than exterminating them.

We also use sonic technology that emit sounds to deter pests such as mice and rats. If we can avoid killing any animals and insects we will and believe that humane pest control is the way forward for all responsible pest control companies.

We have a team of staff constantly looking at deterrents and if we discover something that works, we put it into practise. We all share this world and although some animals like mice can be destructive, they are just trying to survive the same as the rest of us. So if we can remove them humanely, the the better it is for us, for them and for the environment.

If you have any questions about our humane pest control services please contact us today.