Guaranteed Bed Bug Removal Service in Birmingham with DSI Pest Control

grim bedWhat many people fail to understand with bed bugs, is that they have to be treated differently from other bug pests such as cockroaches.

Why is this? Because standard sticky traps don’t work, they’re hard to spot initially and they can be a serious nuisance to completely eradicate due to their illusive nature. What makes them even more annoying is that despite their bites, you can’t feel them when you’re sleeping!

When the morning comes around, bed bugs can be very difficult to spot, mainly because they’ve left the bed! They do however deposit eggs in the night (on the mattress) but the bugs themselves will be difficult to track down. Bed bugs are also easily transported, despite not having wings. Instead, they latch onto anything that might transport them, this could be suitcases, handbags, clothing, and even yourself! This is how bed bugs are spread, so it is vitally important that if you suspect you have them, you deal with their presence immediately.

DSI Pest Controllers will:

It is our absoloute guarantee that your bed bug nightmares are left behind once you opt for our service. Here are just a few of the promises we will deliver when dealing with bed bug problems:

  • DSI will search for signs of any bed bugs activity in the immediate premises.
  • We will give advice on the best course of treatment.
  • DSI will provide recommendations to help you maintain a bed bug-free environment
  • Highlight potential risk factors that may contribute to further bed bug infestations.
  • We will give a no-obligation quotation for the removal of the bed bugs infestation.

Where to bed bugs hide?

bedbugWhat makes bed bugs so illusive is the fact that not only are they small but they can hide in almost any crevice or piece of furniture. They’re most commonly found residing in bedrooms, specifically mattresses because of the warmth and shelter. In fact, anything that is warm and sheltered will be a bed bugs perfect home – it’s actually better if you don’t make your bed because giving air to the mattress will drive bed bugs away!

However, in most cases, bed bugs are only really present during the cover of darkness. They leave stains and shells in the morning, this is a clear sign that you have a bed bug infestation.

The trickier areas bed bugs hide themselves in consists of:

  • Electrical sockets
  • Loose carpet (floorboards)
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Clothes – even slippers!

While pesticides may help eradicate bed bugs from furniture and items of clothing, electrical sockets will require special dust to prevent further bed bug outbreaks.

Electrical sockets and the space within them can also be a hiding place for bed bugs. These need opening and cleaning with a specialist dust product, to prevent further outbreaks.

Eliminating bed bugs

Despite their size and love for warm, dark areas in the house, bed bugs can easily survive very cold temperatures! They’re also able to survive harsh fumigation with CO2, if they weren’t tricky pests already! The only thing that will completely eradicate bed bugs is heat. That’s why it’s strongly advised that you clean your bed sheets on 60 degree heat in order to eliminate any sign of bed bugs.

Treating your bed

bed bug bedIf you discover bed bugs in your bed, your bedding needs to be stripped off immediately. Then, you must place it in a bag and put it through a hot water wash and then a hot dry cycle. Your headboards either need to be thrown away or thoroughly cleaned by professionals, again using extreme heat. If your headboard is metal, or doesn’t have any cracks or crevices where they’re able to hide and lay eggs, you should be fine.

Lastly, hoover and thoroughly clean around your bed!

Treating your mattress

dirty bed bug If you believe that you’re badly suffering with bed bugs, it might be wise to invest in a vacuum cleaners with special filters for trapping bed bugs and their skins. This means that the bed bugs will have no way of escaping and infesting any other areas of the house.

If your mattress has buttons or any other areas where bed bug can hide, this must be thoroughly vacuumed. Anti-allergy mattress covers are also a very effective way of completely sealing the mattress.

Other mattress care will involve opening and vacuuming all box springs (if you mattress has any) and any wood and/or cracks within the frame. Unfortunately, most thorough bed bug deep-cleaning procedures involves taking the entire bed apart and cleaning each individual component.

In order to effectively clean and eliminate the presence of bed bugs, a visit from our team at DSI Pest Control is strongly advised. You will then need a further visit from our team (roughly three weeks later) to investigate if any new eggs have been laid and then ensure that any remaining bed bugs or signs of bed bugs have been effectively eliminated.

For more information on our bed bug removal process, please contact us via our contact form here!