Ants and Insects Pest Control Service

DSI Pest Control offers a complete ant and insect control services to customers throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

It is well-known that the British summertime comes with an abundance of insect-related issues. Some of the most common insects people have problems with are:

  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas
  • Beetles
  • Cockroaches

Luckily, our team here at DSI Pest Control have many years experience in dealing with the persistent pests of Britain.

If you are concerned about the presence of such insects, do not fret, we’re here to give you some helpful advice on the ways you can ensure ants and other pesky insects don’t disturb your day-to-day  life. Whether you’re a home owner or a business owner, we’re able to carry out a pest control service that will put your worries to rest.

Ants, why are they a problem?

While ants may not be as irritating as wasps, they certainly do cause concern for homeowners and business owners alike.

Ants are invasive

ant controlOne of the main problems with ants is that they seem to appear everywhere! Customers are always asking how they can get rid of ants from their cupboard, table tops and other indoor areas of their property.

To help prevent ants from infiltrating your property, your first step is to ensure that no leftover food is present. Secondly, look around the exterior of your property and fill any cracks, crevices or holes that ants may use to infiltrate your property. If you find that these crevices are too difficult to access or there are simply too many, our team are here to help!

As ants live in colonies, once you see one, you’d be right in assuming that more are on the way. This is particularly a problem during summer as this is when ants are foraging for wood. Ants will often come into your house looking for food to store in their nests.

How we eliminate ants

ant problemHere at DSI Pest Control, we’re experts when it comes to ant removal and our unique removal methods justify this.

Our pest control team uses bait treatments and insecticides to control ant infestations. The bait we use is placed in areas where the ants are more likely to encounter them and take them back to their nest. The bait allows the ant time to take it back to the nest, and once it reaches the nest, the bait will  eliminate the colony. While other store-bought pesticides and insecticides might work, they usually kill the ant before it reaches the colony.

Our specialists are also able to remove the trail of pheromone from entry points in order to prevent ants from continued access.

Ants colonising in your property

ant colonyIf you find that your property has already been infested with ants – specifically a Pharaoh ants nest – your only effective solution is to call a trusted pest control company. Here at DSI Pest Control, our team are able to swiftly and efficiently remove the presence of ants nests from your property. Simply spraying the nest with insecticides will not be enough, as the colony will be able to rebuild itself over time.

Most of the time, nests are difficulty to find (as they’re usually built within the walls of the property) or they’re simply hard to reach. Our technique uses top of the range biodegradable insecticides that do not stain, corrode or taint your premises. We may also inject your wall with a special insecticide so that it slowly infects and destroys the entire colony over time.

Get your ant issues treated now!

ant issueLeaving your ant issues untreated is the worst thing you can do. Ants are able to multiply incredibly quickly over a short space of time, so leaving the problem will only cause you and your property more damage and money.

Do not let your summers be ruined by neglecting to address your ant infestation problems. If you are concerned about the presence of ants, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team here. Simply fill out our contact form and one of our firefly team members will be in touch shortly!

We are able to carry out pest control on ants within a 70 mile radius of Birmingham, including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicester, Peterborough, Coventry, Stoke, Stafford, Worcestershire, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Warwickshire and Oxford.

Other insect issues


wasps nestWasps are no strangers to British summer seasons. They are arguably the most invasive pest and can be dangerous if riled. If you discover that you have a wasps nest within your property, it is strongly advised you call DSI Pest Control to deal with it. Wasps nests can be very dangerous, especially when inexperienced people attempt to eliminate them. Our team has been specifically trained to handle wasps nests with caution and care. So, be safe or be sorry, contact DSI Pest Control before your wasps nest becomes a bigger problem!


flea controlsHere at DSI Pest Control, we understand the problems that come with fleas. Whether your pet has contracted fleas or they have somehow found their way into your property, you can rest assured that DSI Pest Control will be able to deal with the problem. We are able to carry-out effective flea control within a 100 mile radius of our Birmingham Head office.


ladybirds controlWhile they’re not the most common of pest problems, Harlequin Ladybirds still pose a threat to vegetation and your crops. DSI Pest Control are able to help eliminate the presence of Harlequin Ladybirds within Birmingham and other surrounding areas.

Bed Bugs

flea control

Everyone’s worst nightmare. While having bed bugs might appear as if you aren’t particularly hygienic or live in a clean area, bed bugs are more common than you’d think. Luckily, they’re also very easy to eradicate. There are several ways to get rid of bed bugs, such as:

  • Washing your bed sheets at a temperature over 60 degrees
  • Use a stiff brush to scrub mattress seams to remove bedbugs and their eggs.
  • Vacuum your bed and surrounding regularly – once this is done, immediately dispose of the cleaner bag’s contents in a bin outside.
  • Repair cracks, holes and crevices in your property to stop the infiltration of bed bugs.
  • Keep your room clean!

cockroach controlWhile cockroaches aren’t Britain’s most common pest, finding them in your property is sure to concern you. Our team have been specifically trained to handle any and all cockroach issues and employ effective elimination tactics to ensure they do not return. Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to deal with and many people aren’t aware of the correct ways to eliminate them. While there are many pesticides that claim to get rid of cockroaches online, cockroaches have a knack for becoming immune to certain pesticides over time. For more information on how to effectively rid your property of cockroaches please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team via our contact form. We’re always on-hand to help!

We are able to carry out pest control on ants within a 70 mile radius of Birmingham, including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicester, Peterborough, Coventry, Stoke, Stafford, Worcestershire, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Warwickshire and Oxford.